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About onePULSE Academy

onePULSE Academy is the education arm of the onePULSE Foundation and is committed to promoting acceptance, inclusion, and remembrance through innovative, reflective, experiential learning methods. Using evidence-based methodologies, it aims to positively impact social change at the individual, group, and community levels.

Social Visionary Series

Social Visionary series are quarterly interactive live audience experiences where social problems and performing arts meet for social change. Our visionaries find innovative ways of using performing arts to educate audiences on challenging social issues, including genderism, racism, social identity, and bullying. Social visionary performances can range from comedy improv, dance performances, theater productions, and beyond. These programs are inclusive, non-judgmental, and immensely engaging. It’s a fun and interactive experience where audiences can genuinely see themselves as change agents.

Conversation Starters

Conversation Starters are quarterly virtual short film screenings and panel discussions designed to spark conversation on topics that often fall below the social radar. Films themes examine under-explored issues such as HIV stigma in the Black straight community, ghosting culture, parallels between the LGBTQIA+ and Civil Rights movement, unique complexities of LGBTQIA+ dating, and male body image dilemma. Panelists typically include the filmmaker, members of the cast, and a subject matter expert. These films are intriguing and contain numerous surprise revelations shared through open dialogue.

TriAngle Program

TRI.ANGLE is a multidisciplinary Think, Relate, Influence triangulation approach for aggression reduction among kids. The program aims to decrease targeted violence in the surrounding community by implementing youth prevention solutions to reduce hostile aggression ideation. It uses an empathy-based framework where young folks build meaningful relationships with their peers and adults and develop a sense of shared humanity through various activities. As a result, participants will likely experience reduced hostile aggression ideation after completing the program.

Annual International Culture of Remembrance Symposium

International Culture of Remembrance Symposium (ICoRS) is an annual event hosted by onePULSE Academy that brings together many leading scholars and experts dedicated to memorial culture. We present a multidisciplinary space to enrich and showcase progress, innovations, trends, and achievements in the culture of remembrance and turn thought into action. The symposium has a global reach, attracting presenters and attendees from various countries, including Africa, Germany, and Spain. ICoRS provides exceptional value for stakeholders, including human rights organizations, social scientists, museums, historical societies, academics and students, social activist groups, government entities, etc. It is a two-day event in Orlando FL, with live streaming access.


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