Shortlist Teams (in alphabetical order)

MASS Design Group, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting, Ralph Applebaum Associates, Sasaki, Sanford Biggers, Richard Blanco, Porsha Olayiwola

Concept Design Narrative


No thing, no tribute, no space will replace these lives, their loss, their loves, their selves. And yet, like a chrysalis, we transform and become something else through tragedy.

The Pulse community teaches the public what it is to Become. To become is not simply to transform from one to another, but to hold a state of multiple identities together in tension.

National Pulse Memorial

This ground, it is sacred ground. Violence and injury and lives lost have permeated here. They deserve and we need to give their lives space and their sacrifice meaning. And yet, also while pain was here, joy was there too; and beyond joy, there was transcendence, liberty, freedom, sweat, ritual, and hope to be whoever we want to be.

The Museum for Equality

Our museum proposal is positioned to put the Pulse massacre in a global context of the fight for equality, and we are proposing naming the Museum, the Museum for Equality. Our Museum proposal would begin broadly, including the history of oppression and the fight for equality embedded in Central Florida. We bring together the global response and acts of solidarity in the wake of the tragedy, which can serve as a talisman of possibility, and the activism that can be inspired and nurtured here in the pursuit of equality.

Team Members

Michael Murphy

Principal in Charge, MASS Design Group

Alan Ricks

Principal, Project Architect, MASS Design Group

Jha D. Williams

Project Manager, MASS Design Group

Sanford Biggers


Richard Blanco


Aki Carpenter

Design Director, Ralph Applebaum Associates

Gabriel Ivorra

Designer, Ralph Applebaum Associates

Mary Anne Ocampo

Principal, Urban Designer, Sasaki

Michael Grove

Principal, Landscape, Sasaki

Philip Dugdale

Senior Associate, Sasaki

Jim Hair

Co-Partner in Charge, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

Phillip Donovan

Project Principal, Little Diversified Architectural Consulting

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