Shortlist Teams (in alphabetical order)

Coldefy & Associés with RDAI, HHCP Architects, Xavier Veilhan, dUCKS scéno, Agence TER, Prof. Laila Farah

Concept Design Narrative

The Pulse is the source, the place of events which echoed throughout the world, the point of departure of a project transforming hearts, minds and inspiring the Orlando SoDo district development. Pulse becomes the center of gravity; it radiates and transmits.

Water is the connecting element, from the existing fountain, it becomes a shallow reflecting pool encircling the club. In memory of the Angels, a palette of 49 colors lines the basin and radiates towards the public spaces.

An opulent garden planted with 49 trees, the memorial site provides a protective and colorful canopy. At the center of the garden, the nightclub is preserved; a generous adjacent space is dedicated to gathering and celebration. In this haven of peace and tranquility, we discover the transformed nightclub, opening to the light and air, inviting us to traverse an intimate path; opening our consciousness.

The renewed West Kaley street provides a shaded connection to the Museum, which rises like a budding flower, reaching towards the sky and signaling the entrance to the Pulse district. Vertical gardens and public plazas create new community places, and a rooftop promenade offers views to the Memorial and over the entire district.

Interactive sculptures commemorating all those affected by the tragedy punctuate the shaded esplanade of the Survivors Walk on Orange Avenue, from the memorial towards downtown.

Future promenades, bike paths, and a Pulse shuttle connect to the train station and create walkable loops that serve as a framework for the healthy future growth of the neighborhood.

Team Members

Thomas Coldefy

Principal, Coldefy & Associés

Zoltan Neville

Director of Design and International Development, Coldefy & Associés

Julia Capp

Managing Director, Design Department Director, RDAI

Denis Montel

Artistic Director, General Manager, RDAI

Michael K. Chatham, AIA, LEED AP

President, Director of Design, HHCP

Eric S. Houston, AIA

Vice President, Director of Operations, HHCP

Xavier Veilhan


Eva Chastagnol

Project Director, dUCKS scéno

Pierre Jaubert de Beaujeu

Creative Director, dUCKS scéno

Michel Hössler

Co-founder, Landscape Architect, Agence TER

Helen Stokes

Associate, Landscape Architect, Agence TER

Prof Laila Farah

LGBTQIA Community Liaison and Advocate, Associate Professor at DePaul University

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